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Welcome to the revolutionary world of Dawkins Programming

Flash Movie Coming Soon...

This is where the latest news for the site is:
News for October 7, 2001
I know I haven't been around awhile but I have something
cool to tell you, I have made a positioner called Global Position
Editor. It will tell you the x, y, z, positions of your object. Important
if you are a programmer. It was made in the new Blitz3d! Hyper Degree
is going to be on its way! You can find GP Editor right here. Added NoLimit 2.0

News for September 24, 2001
Added another way of getting Study Hall, the best way
it is via ShareIt, one of the most complete ordering systems.
Download the screen saver right here to download.

News for September 9, 2001
Good News! The Study Hall Demo is now here you
can find it on the production page. You can also order
it if you chose to right away! You can head there by going
here. In other news I have another utility that will encrypt things
(images, sounds, music) for you to use in Blitz Basic! Also on
the production page.

News for September 5, 2001
Finally a site update, been doing a lot of stuff and I
know some of you people who want updates for
the Dawkins Workshop, and Dawkins Chat Service are
wondering, where are they? What I have to say is some
time soon. On the good note, that program I was taking
to you about but didn't have a name to yet is finished (Yes,
I work quickly). It is called Study Hall and is in the process
of being published by a company named Guildhall Leisure(Not
sure if they will accept it or not yet). It will have a demo version
to it. It also has the capability of making question with its editor
Study Edit, I have a new section where you can put your set on, hope
you summit to the section so you can help out the Study Hall
to be community(When the demo gets released). Also Fedbox is
at the production page.

           News for August 22, 2001
             Since people are not giving me any idea of them
             coming here, I have added a nice little counter that
             pick you up when you come here, hahahaha! Oh, sorry
            just a little brain freeze. Well I'm planning to make another
             program (yes I should finish one program before I start
             another), I haven't figured out a name yet or if I'm actually
            going to make it but most likely I will. Specification will be
            out soon... Oh yeah Fedbox will be on the production page

           News for August 10, 2001
             Yes I know I haven't been updating a while, so to
             begin speaking, I have a new game on the website
             It is a one player puzzle game called, DynaSquares
             (Dynamic Squares) and a new game is coming. I have
             been working hard. It is called RetroSpace, it is a
             360 degree 2d space game that is coming along nicely
             It is in connection with soon to come 3d game Hyper Degree
            that is sure to make everyone smile. Make sure to sign my
            guest book so I atleast know if people are visiting my site.
            Flash Tennis's Website is out, you can go to it here!

             News for July 19, 2001
             I have good news, Flash Tennis will be out sooner then
             scheduled, It's internet publishing might be around the
             same time though. Just to let you know, Flash Tennis is
             coming around nicely. It will have it's own page!

           News for July 17, 2001
             I have added a zipped version to Flash Tennis for
             the people who are having winamp problems

           News for July 16, 2001
            Sorry I haven't updated awhile,(been working on Flash
            Tennis) speaking of Flash Tennis, the surprise I have for you
             is that Flash Tennis Demo is now available for download on production,
             yes it is only a demo. I have not completed the full version yet
             and it will be very cool. Also it might go really fast on your computer.

           News for July 13, 2001
             Alright! Dawkins Workshop Beta is out and kicking
             If you like the program just E-mail me and I will tell you how
             To register it, remember Dawkins Workshop Beta is old and
             there are better versions of it. If you would like I will send you
             the full version of the Dawkins Workshop( If you pay of course).
            And since I'm so nice I have another treat for you, but you will
             have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

           News for July 12, 2001
             It's been awhile since I last updated, anyway there's a lot
             of stuff I put on. Well finally Dephic2 is available in the production
             page. Here's a
             treat to all the adults, Dawkins Workshop will be available for download tomorrow,
             yes you read right, download! Only a couple bad things(couldn't give it away
             for free) it is beta(incomplete), and it is only the demo version(not all features and
             no upgrades for you), too bad, too sad(oh well, atleast you will see what Dawkins Workshop
             is like.) If you like it E-mail me and tell me and we'll make some arrangement. Oh yeah, updated
             my stats and added a guestbook!(got to keep track of people) make sure to sign it, please!
             It's on the about page.

           News for July 4, 2001
             Independence Day! Flash Tennis is hard at work right
             Now and is striving to finish. I also updated the Dawkins
             Workshop News. My birthday is coming soon!

           News for July 1, 2001
            Added Ascii Quick, Flash Tennis,and Break Learn to the
            Production site. Some of them are not available yet :(

           News for June 28, 2001
             Today a screenshot was added to Dawkins Chat Service.

           News for June 27, 2001
             David Dawkins started the site
             and uploaded a few things (programs). He also
             published it this day.

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