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Welcome to Dawkins Programming Links Page
These link to different sites and sites that is owned by Dawkins Enterprise
I am not responsible if these links don't work correctly, just tell me and I will
change them.

1. Blitz Basic - A site for things about programming in Blitz

2. Tripod - My hosting site

3. Dogpile - One of my favorite search engines

4. Dawkins Hubb - A good site for codes and game reviews (incomplete)

5. Dawkins Chat - A chat website so anyone can chat

6. Dawkins Enterprise - Not that good, my first website

7. Safe Web - If you want to surf safe, go to this one

8. Pay pal - An internet pay service

9. Dawkins Tech - A cool site with lots of flash movies that I made but you have to get around the interface

10. Flash - The name gives this site away.

11. Blitz Coder - Neat site for all things Blitz related, also has some toturials

12. GameCoding UK - If you want to make a video game, this is the place to start

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