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Welcome To Animation Street Shop Homepage!

Animation Street Shop is a new animator that makes animation easy, with easy commands and tweening, Animation Street Shop will be your default animator. It is so easy that even youngsters can learn to use it. You can make your own movies with it and save it as an AVI (Video for Windows), also comes with an mpeg converter. It is easy to catch on to and is probably the easiest animators to learn. If you ever wanted to make a 3d movie, this is your ticket. With features like multiple cameras, lights and scenes, you can never go wrong. And with the constant updates, this will be your program.

Current Version : Beta 1.0 (Download Here)

Features: Multiple Cameras, Multiple Lights, Unlimited Scenes, Up To 2000 Frames per scene

Note* If any problems rise up using this program, please Email Me

Created With Blitz3d

Created By Dawkins Programming


Asteroid Movie (A simple movie demonstrating Animation Street Shop Beta 1.0)

Sample Aspp1 (Default file format, on the asteroid movie)

ScreenShots (Screens On Animation Street Shop)

Note* If you have any addition to the gallery, Email Here, with the link


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